Thursday, 18 June 2009

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Camera Movements

The camera moves sideways , like a crab does

The camera stays in the same spote but pivots left or right

The camera stays in the same spot but title up or down

Also know as tracking , the camera moves backwards or forwards
As you watch the Dexter title sequence write down you initial thoughts on what it is communicating to you as a viewer.
  • Image look horrible
  • The music is interesting
  • The thing aroung him
  • Psycho
  • Every day routine
  • Music = ironic updeat but creepy
  • Odd
  • Contrast between shots - dark , and music - upbeat
  • Makes you think of blood and guts even though there is none
  • Shows potential weapons - blades , scalpels , coffee , grinder
  • Scalpel to cut steak - maybe he's a surgeon

Mise - en - scene

Lighting -

  • Dark lighting , day time lighting at the begining , amn in the room but still day time , low light , dark in side light out side.

Props -

  • Showing strick , tissue , meat , eggs , knife , orange , lacss , flossing string . coffee maker.

Setting -

  • Wakes up in bedroom , Shaves in bathroom , Cooks in kitchen , Flosses teeth in bathroom , Walks outside.

Costume -

  • He's topless whilst getting ready (shaving, making coffee + breakfast, whilst flossing, whilst putting shoes on)
  • Puts on shoes and ties them Puts on his top (looks like he's suffocating himself)
  • At the end when he walks out of his house, he is dressed in white which makes him look innocent.

Facial expressions -

  • Smiles: makes him look like he knows what he's doing
  • His eyes are mysterious and eyebrows are bent
  • His face is focused forward and it makes him look like a killer.

Performance -

  • Shaves his neck like he's cutting someone's throat
  • He ties his shoe laces as if he's strangling a person
  • He cuts the orange like a murderer
  • The first thing he does is kill a mosquito
  • He cleans the blood from his neck with a tissue
  • When he was putting on his shirt, he acts like he's suffocating himself
  • He uses floss to clean his teeth

Make Up -

  • His eyebrows are thick, his face is fresh - different colour from his beard
  • His face is greasy and his lips are shiny

Camera Shots , Angles and Movement

Low - camera looking up at subject , making it look bigger.

Canted - camera is title to make subject lok slanted.

High - camera is looking down on subject making it look small.

Eye level - camera is pointed directly at subject.

Brids - eye / Aerial - extreme high angle , looking straight down.