Thursday, 21 May 2009

Lesson on thursday 21th May 2009

Textual Analysis of TV drama Title Sequences.
Objictive :
  • To perform textual analysis on a selection of TV drama title sequences.
  • To consider the ways in which moving image texs communicate meaning.
  • To be able to plan and write a textual analysis eassy on a TV drama title sequence.


What is the purpose of a title sequence? Note down some ideas.

  • Introduce the shows
  • Tells us the genre / sub-genre of the shows
  • Tells us location / setting of the shows
  • Information about charaers
  • Warning that the shows about to start
  • Gives the shows a recogniseable identity
  • Can give info about tone / style / pace

Saturday, 2 May 2009

1. In this ways are teenager represented in this trailer?
Drunk, Sexual, Violent, Riotous, Druggies, Loud, Immature, Destructive, Fun,
Don't care anything, Stupid, Anarchist, Shameless, Disrespectful, Not bothered,
Ignorant, Slaphappy, Party, Energetic, Dirty.

2. How are these representation constructed?
  • The music + Loud + Fast + Paced
  • Setting - Pub
  • Clothes, Hair, Actions, of actors
  • Narrative.
3. Do you think the representations are realistic? Are they stereotypical Are they positive or negative?


Lesson on friday 1st May 2009

Textual Analysis - Moving Image Texts
Objective :
  • To be able to identify different camera shots, angles and movements.
  • To understand the ways in which meaning is created in a moving image extract.
  • To analyze representations in a television drama.
STARTER : Make a list of all the different thing that can be represented in Television drama, for example:
  • Gender ( Masculinity / Femininity )
  • Race ( White / Asian / Black )
  • Regionality ( Cockney, northern, Irish, Scottish... )
  • Sexuality ( Straight / gay / bi )
  • Class
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Religion
  • Culture

Lesson on Thursday 30th April 2009

Research Task : Case study.

Pick one SOAP, SERIES or ONE-OFF TV drama find out .

  • What time(s) and channel(s) it is broadcast on.
  • When it started (and finished, if appropriate)
  • Who makes it (its production company)
  • What its highest rating have been.
  • What its Target Audience is (Demographics and Psycho graphics.)
  • What the critics have side about it.
Also, give a brief synopsis of the show including details of setting is characters and Narrative